“The attention to details is essential for success or failure”

The Cedron Importação, Comércio e Intermediação de Negócios Ltda. – Since 1985’s experience in the international trade of high-quality products and services was wrought along 31 years, initially in the export of timber, and in the least ten years, importing components to the following fields: thermal and nuclear power, oil and gas, petrochemistry, paper and pulp, automotive industry and other, in countries such as Brazil, France, Uruguay, Peru and Chile.

Our suppliers emerged from a sieve, twisted with the strict technical requirements we set in the prospection and selection processes. Dozens of companies in China, Taiwan, Europa, the United States and Korea were visited, and their facilities, technologies, machinery and processes were examined on-site. We are specialized in high-quality and cutting edge products from China. As an example, we provide tubes manufactured in China for nuclear use.

The certifications, the technical staff and personnel’s excellence, the raw material’s origin and specification control were relevant in the assessment, even before starting the product manufacturing, as well as the employment of cutting-edge technology, the process traceability, the perfect quality control, the tooling calibration, the care when packaging and identifying products, the attention to details in processes, the environment cleanliness, the workspace organization and the communication quality.

All this sparked the creation of a world-class supplier network, enabling Cedron to meet the customers’ most diverse needs, providing them with a complete range of products and services.

We legally represent manufacturers enrolled at CRCC – Petrobras’ supplier registry.


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